Thermistor NTC 10KC3, Uninsulated Leads

Thermistor NTC 10KC3, Uninsulated Leads
Brand: Tewa Termico
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Click here for the thermistor datasheet

This popular 10K low cost NTC thermistor has a wide temperature sensing range while keeping a high accuracy of ±0.2°C to suit the vast array of thermistor applications. We also have high accuracy and insulated lead versions of this thermistor in stock. If you are looking for a replacement for a current thermistor take a look at the datasheet link above and compare the values to see if it matches.

This thermistor is the equivalent to the 10K3A1 thermistor.

If you can't find the thermistor you are looking for, or need something custom, feel free to contact us and we will find a match for your sensor.

Please note that price shown is per each single thermistor element. Images in the datasheet and on this page are for reference only. Styles and colours may be different to what's shown.