Thermistor Probes

Thermistors are the most popular temperature sensor around as they are in almost every electronic device on the market. There are many different default resistances available for different thermistors and each can have many different 'temperature curves' / Beta values. 

If you are replacing a sensor then we recommend using a multi-meter and comparing the values of your sensing with the values provided on the thermistor data-sheet. Our range of thermistor probes has been designed to be used as replacements in most typical scenarios. Our 10K8 probes will work in many standard temperature controllers although this is not guaranteed due to the wide range available.

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10K8 Thermistor General Purpose Probe
The general purpose sensor has been designed to suit most general temperature sensing applications w..
Ex Tax: £16.67
10K8 Thermistor Spike Probe
The spike probe has a sharp 'pencil point' end which makes this probe ideal for insertion into soft ..
Ex Tax: £18.75
10K8 Thermistor Waterproof Probe
This immersible sensor is ideal where liquid temperature measurement is needed without any complicat..
Ex Tax: £20.83
AX-TE-D duct temperature sensor
The sensor housing is Axio’s own UK made, ABS flame-retardant plastic.  A range of sensors/out..
Ex Tax: £17.00
AX-TE-I immersion temperature sensor
The sensing element of this Immersion Temperature Sensor is housed in a Ø6mm x 150mm probe, whi..
Ex Tax: £19.00
AX-TE-O outside air temperature sensor
The sensing element of this Outside Air Temperature Sensor is housed in a button which is fitte..
Ex Tax: £16.00
AX-TE-R space temperature sensor
High accuracy sensor in flame-retardant ABS enclosure.  ● Low profile flame-retardant h..
Ex Tax: £9.00
AX-TE-S strap-on sensor
Temperature Sensors which can be mounted onto a pipe using a pipe strap. Mounted in Annicom’s U..
Ex Tax: £21.00
TT02 series waterproof temperature sensor
Features: Excellent insulation against moisture Degree of waterproof protection IP68 Excel..
Ex Tax: £0.00