Transmitters and/or signal conditioners will convert the sensor output voltage/resistance to a standard signal for use with other equipment. By default our transmitters will usually convert to a 4-20mA signal but other outputs can be set depending on the transmitter. We have transmitters for all standard thermocouples and rtd types from stock.

If you need something special feel free to contact us as we stock a wider range than shown on the website. If you want to save time and would like the transmitter pre-ranged to your requirements just add a note to your order or send us a message and we will pre-programme the transmitter at no extra charge.

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SEM203P Pt100 Transmitter
The SEM203P temperature transmitter is the best value Pt100 transmitter on the market. This tra..
Ex Tax: £35.00
SEM203TC thermocouple Transmitter
The SEM203TC temperature transmitter is a low-cost thermocouple signal transmitter that will co..
Ex Tax: £45.83
SEM213P Pt100 DIN Rail Transmitter
The SEM213P temperature transmitter is a low cost, great value Pt100 transmitter. This transmit..
Ex Tax: £60.00
SEM213TC Thermocouple DIN Rail Transmitter
The SEM213TC temperature transmitter is a low cost, easy to use thermocouple transmitter. ..
Ex Tax: £66.67